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Domain Names Matter to ONLY nine States in the U.S.

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Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, & Virginia all get an A+++ in Marketing 101. (Maryland)

These (9) domain names include (5) dot com TLD’s, (2) dot gov TLD’s, & (2) dot org TLD’s.

All of these (9) sites lead to either a government site for their state or a tourism site for their state. The only one out of these (9) that look a little weird is Their site is laid out very 1990’s looking and doesn’t seem to offer much so I will grade them a C+.

I was surprised to see the domain name for South Carolina as Using the number 2 in place of the word “to”, is a pretty big domain name no-no. You will lose traffic to the domain name that actually uses the word “to” in its place. So, I just had to go to their site. That url actually forwards to the much longer – It is a very nice looking site though.

Thanks to Drew Wash from the website – He just informed me that we have to give Ohio an A+++ in Marketing101 also. They have and that forwards to Surprised they are using as the one they are advertising when they own That is a phenomenal domain name. At least they are using domain names and marketing them better than most. Just edited the post and changed it from eight to nine States. Thanks Drew.

So, tomorrow is the big, first round playoff wild card game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m here in Chicago. I see a bunch of cars here from Pennsylvania. They have to be here for the playoff game at Soldier Field. I feel bad for them because they are gonna have a long sad drive home back to PA tomorrow.

I look at their license plates and I see something so cool. On these (3) cars license plates they have a domain name – Wow. What is on that url? A beautiful/modern site all about Pennsylvania tourism. Brilliant! There are 13 million people who live in the State of Pennsylvania. How many drivers? Let’s say 1/4 of those 13 million drive = 3+ million drivers.

Pennsylvania has 3 million little billboards marketing their beautiful/modern website attracting visitors to their state. I am here in Illinois and I now know PA’s website. Funny, because I have no idea at all what Illinois tourism site is. I have no idea what our government site is also.

This is FREE advertising on every vehicle in 9 states! Why aren’t we advertising our tourism site here in Illinois? Why aren’t the other (41) states doing that? How about other Countries? Do they do that? Everyone absolutely, positively should do the same things these (8) marketing genius states do. Free Marketing.

So crazy all states are not using this free marketing space, but only nine states with domain names on their license plates. Very nice job Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, & Virginia!

Domain Names Matter!

Do Domain Names Matter? – You bet your $5 million dollars they matter!

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Everywhere I look the more I see how domain names matter every day. I was driving past O’Hare airport yesterday and saw 2 interesting billboards. These billboards didn’t just have their domain name url’s on the billboard. Of course everyone has their url placed strategically on their billboards.

These billboards were for website building and branding companies. Each and every brand/site needs to start with a domain name.

Same story as I was watching the SuperBowl. There were all of the commercials that had their own domain name addresses placed in their commercials which of course is a must to drive traffic towards your products and/or services. What I noticed is deeper though, exponentially deeper in the grand scheme of domain investing.

There were 3 commercials for website building platforms. had the 9th spot during the Super Bowl. Well, GoDaddy is also a Domain Registrar, aftermarket domain auction house, hosting platform, Site building, etc. had the 34th spot. They are a web building platform. had the 52nd spot in the Super Bowl. They are also a website building platform. Their pitch is “Free Website Builder”.

So, whether these companies offer other services or not is not my point. My point is Marketing money that usually sells cars, snacks and drinks, that money is now selling branding/hosting/websites and of course they all exist on their business foundations which are domain names. It cost $5 million dollars for a 30 second spot during the game!

$5 million dollars were spent by 3 separate but yet competing companies for website creation. Each one of those companies have multiples upon multiples of sites that they are hosting, building, maintaining and selling. Each and every one of those sites that they are servicing all need their own individual domain name!

Domaining – Pretty darn impressive business to be in during this very early stage of the internet, if you ask me.

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