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Top 10 Highest Domain Sales of 2016.

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Top 10 Domain Sales of 2016
as reported by

1) $3,770,000 – Chinese Wine Selling Site
2) $2,100,000 – Cell phone Co.
3) $1,250,000 – Natural Resource Co. Jade Mining, forwards to
4) $1,200,000 – Coming Soon Page
5) $929,000 – Trump Pence Official Unofficial Blog, no info I guess because they haven’t accomplished anything yet…lol
6) $900,000 – Doesn’t resolve
7) $800,000 – Cheap Flights
8) $725,000 – Home Finance
9) $688,888.88 – 404 Not Found Page
Tied for 10th are 2 Domains
10) $650,000 – Does not resolve
10) $650,000 – UK Furniture Co.

Let’s look at these Top 2016 domain name sales a little bit. All .com except for the last (tied for 10th spot) which is a UK Country Code TLD. The Industries represented from these top 10 domain sales (at the time of this posting) represent Wine, Cell phones, Natural Resource Co./Gem Mining, Travel, Furniture, and the others which are not resolving we will name Investments. So, If you are a domain investor or are thinking about investing in domains here are some pretty good stats to think about when making your decisions in your investing. Domain Names Matter.

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