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Kate Buckley sells the #1 Domain Name – during this coronavirus/covid19 pandemic for $91,183

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We will talk about this incredible domain name and my friend, the RockStar Domain Broker, Kate Buckley in a few. I am going to add a few personal notes to this article first.

We are in the middle (hopefully the middle) of the Coronavirus/Covid19 pandemic. Here in Illinois, on Mar. 20, 2020 our Governor JB Pritzker gives a stay-at-home order for all residents except for essential workers and trips for essential supplies. The order has been extended until April 30th and we are expecting that stay-at-home order to be extended once again because our virus cases and death counts are still climbing.

It is mid April now. Our neighboring state, Wisconsin just extended their stay-at-home order an additional (4) weeks until May 24, 2020. The mayor of New York just extended their stay-at-home order an additional (2) weeks, until mid-May.

I’ve watched too many conferences this week and all tv reporters keep pushing JB Pritzker to let them know if there will be an extension on our stay-at-home order or not. Of course there is still (2) weeks left on our current stay-at-home order so the answer has been, I will let you know as we study the numbers. Yesterday he did cancel the remainder of the school year for all (2) million kids in Illinois, so it goes without saying. Our stay-at-home order will positively be extended.

Right now, there are some massive protests in a few states from others who are getting tired of their own States stay-at-home orders. It is sad. It has become political and it shouldn’t be. It is a Health crisis, not a political crisis. Either way, people are getting upset.

Many of us have in the U.S. have lost our jobs. (1) in (7) Americans have lost our jobs as of today. Almost all Businesses are closed. Unemployment Agencies are overwhelmed and people cannot even file for unemployment because the offices are closed and the servers cannot handle the influx of online certifications. We are not allowed to visit our family and friends. As much as this hurts, it seems to be a necessary evil in order to flatten the curve and save as many lives as possible.

During this whole pandemic we are all having to deal with these difficult life changes. We have to worry about saving our lives now with the simplest of our learned actions. If we go outside, we have to keep 6 feet of distance from every other human. We have to always wear gloves if we touch anything. We have to wear facemasks at all times when around anyone who is not from our own household. If we touch anything at all with our bare hands we have to wash them right away for 20 seconds. These everyday normal actions we’ve done our entire lives now have to be changed. Now each little thing we do, takes preperation and a lot of thought. Our normal is gone. We will all have to learn a new normal.

You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to figure out that depression and anxiety are running rampant.

Many people will need therapy. Hell, we are all going to need therapy during, and definitely after this pandemic is gone. Some of the negative effects on our lives may not even be felt for a long time.

Therapy, pre-pandemic was an extremely valuable service that many needed and searched for. Whenever you look up any word, phrase or question in Google you can see how many times that is searched. The word, Therapists has very high search volume and I can guarantee you that word will only tick upwards in terms of search volume over the coming months and maybe year or years because of the negative effects of this pandemic.

There is a CPC (Cost per click) on words and or terms. Some keywords are expensive when it comes to CPC values. The word “Therapists” CPC is about $3 – $4 per click. Imagine building a Nationwide Directory of therapists. Imagine traffic coming to your site all day and night long looking for referrals. Imagine the monetary value of traffic for this domain name. Your site can gain and send out referrals all day long. This is value.

Domain Names are a very important foundation for any online Business. No matter what the name is, the domain name is your very first introduction to your business.

DNJournal posts weekly domain sales but because of all the issues many have had to deal during this pandemic, they are posting domain sales charts bi-weekly this month.

The Top domain name sale reported in this (2) week period was for $91,183. This name was sold by Kate Buckley. This is an incredibly timely domain name since we are in the midst of a coronavirus/covid19 pandemic.

Kate Buckley from Buckley Media is a Pro Domain Broker. She is one of the best of the best. When you look at the bible of the domaining industry, ( you will see her name at the top of the sales charts often. She has personally brokered millions of dollars in both private and publicly-recorded top sales such as (7 Figures: Exact price under NDA), and ($1,004,450), ($725,000), ($600,000), ($500,000), ($335,000), ($300,000), ($225,000), and ($100,000). Buckley Media has been retained to broker several large legacy portfolios of one word dictionary .COMs—check out a curated selection at:

I really love this domain name. I believe this could a life changing domain name for the buyer. This domain is a rock solid foundation for a potential online business that can help millions of people all over the nation or even world if they choose to go global.

My sincere Congrats to my friend, Kate Buckley for another RockStar Domain Sale, and I really have to offer a sincere congrats to the buyer of this extremely valuable domain name. You can wake up daily and help the world now with these 10 letters!

Domain Names Matter.

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