Daily Auction Domain Name Values Are Increasing.

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I purchased a domain name in a domain marketplace yesterday and paid right around the $1000 price point. So, I went to NameBio today to see all of the reported domain sales at all of the major domain auction marketplaces from yesterday and I was shocked at what I noticed. The daily auction domain name values are increasing pretty fast now!

The domain I won at auction didn’t even make the first page from all of the domain auction totals from just one day of auctions. As a matter of fact the Top 50 sales from yesterday started at $56.5k and went down to $1088. In order to see a $1000 sale, you have to click on Pg 2. There are actually (8) domains on page 2 from $1088 down to $1022.

Let’s take that closest sale to the $1000 price point yesterday, (TennisSocks.com for $1022). That was at the #58 spot of domain sales on a Saturday of auctions. This is just (1) day of domain auction totals. If we did the math on 58 sales for each day of the year of auctions, that would be over 21,000 reported sales in a year of domains that will sell in the 4-figure range at least.

Don’t forget one major point here. The vast majority of these reported marketplace domain name auction prices are wholesale only. Most of these are domain investor purchases only, not end user sales.

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 from yesterday. What are you getting at the highest level of auctions from one day in the life of the domain auction marketplaces, and for what price?

(3) 5 figure sales here. The leader on the board is a 3N (Number) – 147.com at $56.5k. Number 2 at 5-figures is a 5N – 88896.com at $10k and the last 5-figure sale is a (3) worder dot org – WhosDrivingYou.org at $10k

Now #4 thru #10 are quite the variety as well. The price points are set from $3516 and up to $6050. What do we get from $3500 to $6k these days?

We get (5) 2-word dot com domains. Two of these catch my eye as great deals in the 4-figure range. ProjectFinance.com and CloudCash.com seem like really great buys at both being under 5 figures, imho. We also get (1) brandable dot co domain and we get (1) 3-word dot com domain that has a prefix word and a suffix word, (“The” & “Center”) surrounding the main root keyword there being “appliance”.

Interesting domain investing financial thoughts here on a random Sunday while analyzing just how much $1k, $2k, $3k, $10k can get us these days.

Wishing everyone much success in choosing the right investments and hopefully finding the perfect end users who will cherish and build these incredible digital assets out!

Cover picture screenshot from NameBio.com


  1. A well thought through return post Vito. I look forward to many more !

    As far as domain auction prices go I think people are over paying for everything at the moment and that includes the majority of names you list.

  2. I agree Dan. But when you look at the “retail” pricing across the board, it seems as if many investors are also asking much higher prices as well. Does this translate into higher true values across the board? Will these higher investor purchases translate into higher end user prices paid? Are more people needing an online presence finally recognizing the values of domain names now? I hope the answer is yes to all of the above. We shall see. This could just now be the ultimate pivotal moment in time when many start to truly realize that domain names matter. My fingers are crossed.

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