Domain Sale – Successful YouTuber realizes Social Media is not “His”

in Domain Sales Domain Name sale details here. I just sold the domain name for $10,166 to Alejandro who is a successful YouTube influencer. He has created a YouTube Channel named HipHopRD.

HipHopRD is explained in Spanish on his site. I had the explanation translated to English here.

News, Music, Videos, Events & All About Rap & Hip Hop | HipHop RD
HipHop RD gives you the best downloads of free music in Spanish of high quality. is where you can find powerful interviews and news about the urban movement in Latin America.

Alejandro has 12,600 subscribers, 890+ videos, and over 2 million total views at his YouTube Channel. He also has an Instagram with 3200 followers. When I asked him why he wanted he told me this. He realizes that Social Media is not “His” Business and he wants to own his own Brand. This is probably the most important statement written in all of these words I have written here. Why did he buy from me? Once again – “He realizes that Social Media is not “His” Business and he wants to own his own Brand”

Right now Alejandro is just forwarding to his HipHopRD YouTube page but he does have plans to build out He is planning to create a media website which he will create contents by interviewing people of different fields such as music, sports, enterpreneurs and so on. Alejandro will be the main host and he will also have a partner hosting. He also wants the newly branded show to be in both Spanish and English.

Alejandro is someone who is building the internet everyday. These are the people like you and I who realize we have to build our own brands/websites. We have to control our own destiny and just use Social Media to help us build traffic/followers/clients to our own Businesses. Alejandro, I truly wish you the best. Watch out!


  1. Congrats, nice sale – although I still think .tv is a sleeping giant and first name .tvs will go for more in the future.

    I’m not sure what his business model is and whether he makes money at YouTube, but even if he wasn’t going to build out the domain it has substantial value just in the help it will provide getting people to his YouTube channel. Now all he has to advertise or tell people is

  2. Kudos to Alejandro!
    Nice move.

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