Who wins the 2019 Domain Name SuperBowl – AFC or NFC?

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The NFL Wild Card Playoffs just passed this weekend. My Chicago Bears choked by 1 point against the current SuperBowl Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles. Its a damn shame since the Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t have even been there. The only reason the Eagles were made it into the playoffs was because the Bears beat the Vikings in week 17, so that gave the Eagles the shove into the playoffs. Ugh. Next year Bears will win the Superbowl.

OK so on to domain names. Domain names have been the highest valued digital asset in the world. Web Real Estate. Single word domain names like Super.com have been selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions.

Here are a few of the top selling domains this past year, 2018. From the Domain Name Industry Sales Bible – DNJournal.com
Ice.com – $3.5 Million
Super.com – $1.2 Million
DXL.com – $1.15 Million
Great.com – $900,000
Files.com – $750,000
Liquid.com – $750,000

NFL team domain names. Let’s look at the Playoffs now. There are (8) teams left trying to fight it out to make it to the Big Game. How do they rate when using their exact match domain name to Market their Team/Brand? Which division wins the Domain Name Big Game?

There are (4) teams left in the AFC division.

and (4) teams left in the NFC division.

AFC wins by a landslide here. The value of the AFC Team url’s is 100x higher than the NFC all around here. Each of the AFC remaining playoff teams all own their most valuable, single word domain names of their team.
Colts own Colts.com.
Chiefs own Chiefs.com.
Chargers own Chargers.com.
Patriots own Patriots.com

NFC. The remaining (4) NFC playoff teams do not own their single word domain names at all. Not one of these 4 teams left. Those incredibly valuable single word domains/team names are all owned by other parties. So what did they do, they added their city name in front of their team name or as the Rams did they added “The” in front of their name to direct people to their site page.
Eagles own PhiladelphiaEagles.com.
Saints own NewOrleansSaints.com.
Cowboys own DallasCowboys.com.
Rams own TheRams.com

Question to those NFL/NFC teams. Where is that single word traffic going to? Where are emails going to for these NFC teams? Why wouldn’t these teams who have the largest marketing budgets in the world have bought their single word domain names?

Out of all (8) teams left, The fact here is Philadelphia Eagles are the biggest losers here. They have a domain name that is 18 letters long. First off, there are typos that happen with the more letters in your domain name. People have 18 chances to get it wrong or right. Sorry Eagles.

Domain names are investments. They only go up in value as the internet grows. Grab your domain name now, before someone else does and the price only goes higher!

Domain Names Matter.

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