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Thank you for taking your valuable time out to visit here. My name is Vito. I have been investing in domain names for a little over 10 years now. I have been almost my entire time in domaining. I had a domaining blog on that domain name for a quick stint. I didn’t really take it too seriously and I was amazed that I gained quite a bit of traffic to it in a short time. I have re-branded myself recently to Media Branding LLC, ( That is my portfolio site. You will find some great generic, and brandable Premium dot tv domains for all of your video-centric needs, and some Premium descriptive and very brandable dot coms for sale there.

I created this blog because I truly believe that Domain Names Matter. I am constantly having insights into the domaining world, and I usually share my thoughts on the Forums and blogs. I wanted to have my own platform to share some of those thoughts, opinions, insights, facts, etc. I hope to provide some valuable insights and content to anyone that is already or may be interested in domaining. I look forward to adding some of my own personal stories in my own domaining, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also hope to be adding a little humor as well. Domaining truly is one of the coolest industries in the entire world to be a part of because it covers well, everything in the entire world! I have been inspired by each and everyone around me, and I hope to provide some of that same inspiration I feel, to others as well.

I will try to keep up with adding as much relevant content involving domaining as I can possibly add. I do welcome anyone under the sun to use this site and guest write anything that has to do with why, Domain Names Matter.

Let’s do this!


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